The best breakfast places in Kyiv

Curated by The Breakfast team

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Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Cafe Markó

Modern / Avant-garde / Relaxed

Located on the premises of the Sophia Hotel, this in-house restaurant introduces a dynamic synergy of both Ukrainian and European flavors. Instantly loved by local creatives since the opening day.

Zoloti Vorota


Intimate / Aesthetic / Elegant

A bistro bar that will win your heart over with its unconventional breakfast menu and cozy yet modern interior. Usually packed in the afternoons — the bar and location are hard to resist.

Zoloti Vorota

Pure & Naive

Friendly / Welcoming / Beloved

This place offers contemporary breakfast food, the best lighting for selfies, and a super friendly team

Zoloti Vorota

Relaxed / Informal / Hearty

A dynamic pizza place that offers super early & delicious breakfasts. Think toasts, poached eggs, croissants, and pastries.

Zoloti Vorota


Beloved / Cozy / Iconic

A must-visit place that is on the map of probably every creative from Kyiv

Zoloti Vorota


Upbeat / Modern / Relaxed

Comfort food for breakfast, pizza by the slice, and a unique location close to all our favorite spots on Reitarska


Chayka Чайка

Casual / Curated / Aesthetic

Greek cafe near Bessarabska square that uses seasonal ingredients in traditional recipes


Good Girl

Vibrant / Spacious / Trendy

A place that’s both trendy and friendly, offering oatmeal with shrimp, pancakes with sabayon berries, and fermented drinks — so many good options that you might become a regular

Lva Tolstogo

Alltrueeast Альтруіст

Eco-conscious / Thoughtful / Unique

Mostly middle-eastern food, an eco-conscious interior, and a recent addition to the menu: borscht (traditional and vegan)



Thoughtful / Modern / Lively

A fine dining restaurant & part-time bistro famous for its seasonal cooking and bespoke design that highlights their chef’s style and vision

Frantsuz'ky Kvartal

Cafe 128

Cute / Comforting / Informal

All-day breakfast and convenient locations for those who don’t feel like venturing out to the city center: Comfort Town, Tetris Hall, and Lybidska



Curated / Contemporary / Aesthetic

Elegant seasonal cooking at Bursa boutique hotel, walls that are works of art, breakfast all day, and a curated natural wine selection